Photos from our 2003 Annual Winter Conference
are courtesy of
Dr. William Rhoten and Dr. Charles Blake.
Banquet Photos
Anatomy Chairs from Central
American Medical Schools
Left, Victor Diaz,
Universidad de Panamá
Right, Dr. Julio Cesar Lobos Ortiz
Chiquimula, Guatemala,
AACBNC Past President Stephen Carmichael (Left)
Dean, Universidad de Panamá Enrique Mendoza (Center)
and AACBNC President Mary Hendrix (Right)
Birds of Panama
Left is a White-Throated Mountain Gem,
Right is a Violet Sabrewing
Flora and Fauna of Panama.

Top Left is a Violet Sabrewing,
Top Right is a hummingbird,
Center left is a closeup of a butterfly
from the Butterfly Exhibit at
Gamboa,Center Right is a picture of
a palm seed,
Bottom is White Faced Capuchin
Monkey enjoying a snack.
Gamboa Chiva
Container Ship Entering Gatun Locks