2008 Annual Winter Conference
Playa Herradura, Costa Rica
January 16-19, 2008

Meeting Details, Registration & Resort Reservations
Los Suenos Marriott Ocean & Golf Resort
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General Information on Costa Rica:   

The nearest town to the Los Suenos Marriott is Jaco (ha-ko), a lively surfer spot.

Adventures from Los Suenos Marriott

With miles of sandy white beaches shaded by the trees of the evergreen forest at the
sand’s edge, Manuel Antonio is one of the most popular national parks. The park
protects primary and secondary forests, mangroves, beach vegetation, and marine
resources. It is one of the few remaining habitats of the mono tití (red-backed squirrel
monkeys). Two-toed sloths and raccoons frequent the beaches, while iguanas pose like
statues under the sun. We also saw three-toed sloths and Howler monkeys.  
Bring: walking shorts, jeans or long chinos; t-shirt, camera, sneakers or tevas, hat, and
sun screen.
Includes: Transportation, entrance fee and tour guide.

Carara National Park
Carara Biological Reserve is well known for its diversity in flora and fauna, being a
transitional forest between the dry forest of the North Pacific and the lushness of the
Southern rainforest. While walking this forest you will be amazed by the massive trees
and may see white-faced and howler monkeys, iguanas, and exotic bird species. It is
home to a large population of the rare Scarlet Macaws.
Half Day $50.00
Departs at 7:30am and 1:30pm. Duration approx. 4 hours
Minimum 2 people.
bug spray, camera, hiking shoes, sun block.

Mangrove and Crocodile Adventure
This adventure takes place in the waterways and mangroves surrounding the mouth of
the Tarcoles River. Your experienced naturalist guide will explain the importance of this
unique eco-system, while pointing out the great variety of birds to be found in the area.
Half Day $60.00
Time: 7:45am, 2:45pm
Duration approx. 4 hours
Minimum 2 people.
camera, hat, sun block, sunglasses, bug spray.

Canopy Tour
This exciting tour is a thrill of a lifetime as you traverse through the tropical forest on a
system of platforms and cables. Using very safe equipment and in the hands of expert
guides, you climb to the tree tops for a birds eye view, and then experience the
exhilaration as you rapidly glide between each platform.
Half day $60.00
Departs at 7:40am, 10:40am & 1:40pm
Duration approx. 3 hours
Minimum 2 people
hiking shoes, sun block, bug spray.  

Skyway Tour at Villas Lapas
Walk over a series of suspension bridges, high over and through a nearby private
forest reserve is an excellent way to enjoy the tropical forest.
Half Day $55.00
Departs at 8:15am & 2:15pm
Duration 4 hours
Minimum 2 people
bugs spray, hiking shoes, sun block, binoculars.  

Rain Forest Aerial Tram (Pacific) (www.rainforestram.com)
Enjoy the scenic view of the pacific coastline and approach small waterfalls as you
travel above the treetops.
Half Day $70
Departs 8:00am, 10:00am & 2:00pm Duration 2 1/2 hours
Minimum 2 people.
bugs spray, camera, hat, sun block, binoculars, sunglasses.

Arenal Volcano Tabacon Hot Springs
This famous volcano is an awesome spectacle, with its constant eruptions. Seeing a
great nighttime eruption like shown in the posters is a matter of luck due to cloud cover.
Time will also be spent at Tabacon Resort, relaxing in the thermal hot springs. (Lunch &
Full Day $115.00
Departs at 8:00am
Duration 12 hours
Minimum 4 people
long pants, bathing suit, light sweater, sun block, towels.

White Water Rafting
The Savegre River is class III rapids, a great adventure for beginner and the
experienced rafter alike. (Breakfast & Lunch)
Full Day $95.00
Departs at 6:45 am.
Duration 12 hours
Minimum 4 people.
strap sandals, bathing suit, extra clothes, sun block, towels.

Horseback Riding
This is one of the best ways to enjoy the tropical scenery, mountains, and panoramic
vistas while exploring the countryside on horseback.
Half Day $55.00
Departs at 8:00am and 2:30pm. Duration approx. 3 hours
Minimum 2 people.
long pants, hiking shoes, hat, sun block, sunglasses, bugs spray.

Pura Vida Gardens & Waterfalls
A naturalist guide will introduce you to a world of plants: Heliconias, Bougainvilleas, etc,  
and much more.
Half Day $55
Departs at 8:00am 2:00pm
Duration 4 hours
Minimum 4 people.
camera, sun block, comfortable clothes, bug spray.

Sea Kayaking & Snorkeling
Paddle through the warm waters enjoying this popular sport, the perfect way to
appreciate nature and the beautiful scenery of the Pacific coastline.
Half Day $60.00
Departs at 7:50am & 2:00pm Duration 3 ½  hours
Minimum 2 people.
bathing suit, extra clothes, sun block, towels, sunglasses.

Poas Volcano & Sarchi
A short hike will take you to see one of the largest craters in the world. Then take a visit
to Sarchi, home of the arts and crafts of Costa Rica, such as painted ox carts, and
wooden furniture. (Lunch)
Full Day $75.00
Departs at 7:30am
Duration 10 hours
Minimum 4 people.
Camera, long pants, hiking shoes, sweater, sun block,

Bijagual Waterfalls
The tour combines a 45 minute horseback ride up the mountains, and then a hike,
where you will see the biggest waterfall in the area. (Refreshments)
Half Day $65.00.
Departs at 7:30am
Duration 5112 hours
Minimum 4 people.
camera, long pants, hiking shoes, bathing suit, sun block,
towels, bug spray.

Tortuga Island Tour
Enjoy a day in the sun on board Calypso's 71 foot state-of-the-art catamaran, Manta
Raya. Sit in one of the fresh water deck pools or lie on one of the giant nets
overlooking the ocean while cruising the calm waters of the Gulf of Nicoya on the way to
the beautiful white sand palm studded beach.
Full day $99
Departs at 7:30am
Duration 12 hours Minimum 2people.
Camera, bathing suit, extra clothes, sun block, towels, sunglasses.

Sun Set & Dolphin Watch
Come aboard and see the beautiful dolphins, whales, sea turtles, and birds of the
Manuel Antonio Marine Preserve.
Full day $89
Departs at 12:00 pm
Minimum 4 people.
Duration 7 hours
camera , bathing suit, extra clothes, hat, sun block, towels,

Los Suenos Marina
Local offshore action includes some of the World's best Sailfish and Marlin fishing along
with Tuna, Dorado, and Wahoo. If you choose in¬shore species, Roosterfish, Snook,
Rainbow Runners, Cubera Snapper and others. Charter boats are skippered by some
of the Costa Rica's finest, seasoned, English/ Spanish speaking Captains and crews,
equipped with state-of-the-art Shimano and Penn International offshore and inshore
fishing gear from 20 to 130 pound class.

Sail Fishing:
Sails are most abundant through out the year, however during the months of late
December through May you should expect to see many free jumpers and excessive
amounts of fish. Like Marlin, Sailfish are taken year round with usually about 5 to 15
fish a day.

Marlin Fishing:
Marlin are seen throughout the year, predominantly between the months of Late
January through mid September . Blue marlin are most common especially mixed
throughout the running sailfish.

Tuna Fishing:
The bigger Tuna are taken during the most productive runs of the Sailfish and Marlin,
but smaller Tuna are around usually all year long.

Dorado Fishing:
Also known as Mahi-Mahi or Dolphin fish. Dorado are more abundant from February
through October when the rivers send floating logs and other debris to the ocean.
These fish are attracted to drifting debris and hang around underneath. Dorado can be
caught throughout the year though as well.

Undoubtedly, the Roosterfish is the most exciting inshore fish available and are the
main attraction to inshore fishermen. These fish lurk around rocky bottoms and are one
heck of a fight! They are not too good for eating because of all their muscle but they do
tend to bring a lot of spunk to the line. Roosters can be caught year round averaging
from 20 to 40 pounds.

Wahoo Fishing:
The area is not known to hold great numbers of these fast fish, but you never know.
They are found year round in random numbers, however one of these as a catch is a

Red Snapper Fishing:
This is the most popular of all the local Snappers, due to its size and sheer strength.
Fish over 50lbs have been caught in the area, year round. They are very similar to the
Red Snapper fish.

At Jacó Downtown Boulevard
El Hicaco Restaurant
Terraza El Hicaco Restaurant is a comfortable open-air seafood restaurant located
right in front of Jacó Beach. Rated number one in the area, it gets stocked on a daily
basis of the best products of the sea. The candlelit tables, the ocean breeze and
excellent seafood make this restaurant a great choice. Located in Jacó Downtown
Boulevard by the Beach.

At Los Suenos Marina
IL Galeon Restaurant
Los Sueños Marina’s fine dinning restaurant offers Costa Rica’s most innovative
cuisine that fuses international flavors with a distinctive Latin American flair. This open
air Palapa offers spectacular views of the Marina and Herradura Bay. The atmosphere
is relaxed, with attentive staff that will go out of their way to make your dinning
experience an enjoyable one. Located at Los Sueños Marina, 3 minute transfer ride or
7-minute walk.
PLEASE join Gore & his friends for some business, including monkey business, in Costa Rica!
Meeting Details, Registration & Resort Reservations