2004 Experimental Biology Meeting
Interim Meeting of the AACBNC
Experimental Biology '2004
An informal meeting of the executive committee and an
interim socializer for members are planned for the
AACBNC at EB ’2004 in Washington D.C. on Saturday,
April 17. The Executive Committee will meet from 4:30 -
6:00 pm, and the socializer will be held from 6:00-8:00
pm.  These functions will be held at the Renaissance
Hotel.  The Executive Committee will meet in Room 17
at 4:30 pm. The socializer will be held in the foyer
outside of Room 17.  The dates of EB '2004 are
Saturday, April 17 - Wednesday, April 21, 2004.

The socializer will be sponsored by The Anatomical
Record, a Wiley-Liss publication.  Members are
encouraged to bring their spouse or a guest.
Keynote Address

for the American Association of  Anatomists
at EB '2004

Supported by JEOL USA, Inc.
through the AACBNC
Organized by
James R. West, Ph.D.
President, AACBNC

Ting-Kai Li
NIAAA Director
Sunday, April 18, 2004
Room 209BC

Old Problems, New Approaches in Alcohol Research
Chairpersons' Symposium

for the
American Association of Anatomists
at EB '2004

A dynamic relationship exists between cells and their
microenvironment, which plays a pivotal role in
development and disease progression. However, the
molecular regulation of the complex interactions that
occur between cellular and extracellular components
remains poorly understood. The speakers will discuss
specific aspects of the microenvironment’s influence
on developmental events and tumor cell
pathogenesis. Featured topics include: The role of
tissue architecture in the function and dysfunction of
normal and malignant breast; the regulation of tissue
homeostasis and disease pathogenesis by the
extracellular matrix; the influence of the extracellular
milieu on early vessel formation; and the epigenetic
effects of the tumor microenvironment.

Chair: Mary J.C. Hendrix
Past President of the AACBNC

Mina Bissell
Berkeley National Laboratory
"Tissue Architecture: The Ultimate Language of
Function and Dysfunction in Normal and Malignant

Lisa Coussens
University of California, San Francisco
"ECM Architecture Regulates Tissue Homeostasis
and Disease Pathogenesis"

Mary J.C. Hendrix
University of Iowa Cancer Center
"The Epigenetic Effects of the Tumor

Charles Little
University of Kansas Medical Center
"Formation of the First Blood Vessels: The Influence
of the Extracellular Milieu"